A good web site delivers the kind and quality of information that people need—and it does so simply, quickly and effectively. How easy is your current municipal web site to use from the perspective of a site visitor? Use the criteria below to evaluate its usability.

The home page has a clean, uncluttered look and contains useful information.   
There is an index, site map, or some other clear indicator of the contents of the site.   
You can tell where you are immediately (clear title, description, etc.).   
Internal and external links are working properly (no dead ends, no incorrect links).   
Each graphic serves a clear purpose and makes a significant contribution to the site.   
There is sufficient information to make the site worth visiting.   
The site is equally effective with a variety of browsers including Netscape, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.   
The same format is used consistently throughout site.   
Pages are not cluttered, confusing, or distracting.   
Information is clearly labeled, organized and easy to find.   
Outdated material has been removed.   
If you disable JavaScript in your browser, the site can still be navigated.   
The site has a search engine.   
The site can be navigated using just the keyboard and no mouse is required.